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Ehbygumís Listening Page.

The Joy of Radio.

Ehbygum has always loved radio.He grew up with it: television didnít come into his life until he was seven, and he has the happiest adolescent memories of listening to Radio Luxemburg fading in and out on AM though a tinny earpiece.Radio stayed with him through the advent of FM, and the one thing that he really missed when he left Fair Albionís shores for Japan, was BBC radio, especially Radio 4.†† Douglas Adamsí wonderful Hitchhikerís Guide to the Galaxy saw him through a very bad patch in his late twenties, and the Sunday Omnibus edition of the Archers has been a weekly pleasure for almost five decades.

He tried the World Service on shortwave, but it never really satisfied, and then the wonders of the internet brought crystal clear BBC radio to him in Tokyo.Not only that, but he could listen whenever he wanted with the advent of the ďlisten againĒ facility.

Listening to the BBC.

If anything is a National Treasure in Britain it is the BBC.†† These days Britain has little enough to be proud of, but the Beeb has to be the best radio in the world.Bar none.And now anyone with a reasonably fast internet connection, pretty much anywhere in the world can hear it.Ehbygum really appreciates this in Tokyo.


There are several national radio channels in the UK.The main ones are Radio 1 for Pop, Radio 2 for Music, including Jazz, Folk and Easy Listening, Radio 3 for Classical Music, Radio 4 for all kinds of Speech, Drama, News, History, Comedy and a lot more, and just happens to be Ehbygumís favourite.BBC 7 offers the chance to hear classic and more recent radio comedy and drama.Then thereís Radio 5 which is Live News and Sport, Radio 6 which is a music channel, Radio 1xtra for Black Music, and BBC British Asian Network.†† Not to mention the World Service which transmits in 43 languages, and has an excellent free section for more advanced learners of English..


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How to listen.

Itís easy.Just go to the BBC Radio Page.Click on the Channel of your choice and it should work.You should be listening within minutes Most computers have audio players installed, but if yours doesnít youíll be prompted to download player software (probably Real Player) and then youíll be able to listen.Some programmes play from a player on the BBC website.†† Real Player is free, but be careful as you navigate around their site Ė they try to sell you an advanced version.Not needed: the free basic Real Player does the job very well.


The BBC channels are broadcast in digital sound, so the quality is excellent.If there are decent speakers attached to your computer youíll be enjoying it in seconds.If not there are a couple of options.One is to use headphones, and the other is to run a lead from the computer to a stereo.Ehbygum enjoys excellent sound by connecting his laptop to his stereo.

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Listen to what you like, when you like.

ďItís all a matter of taste, said the Bull as he kissed the Pig. Ehbygum rather likes Radio 4, especially two comedy shows, Iím Sorry I Havenít a Clue and the News Quiz, both of which have him in tears each week.Thereís a lot of great music on Radio 1, 2 and 3, but Ehbygum is a little old for Radio 1.Whatever you like, you can find it somewhere among the BBC radio channels.††

Öand not only that, you can listen pretty much when you want to, too.Many of the most popular programmes are available for ďlisten on demandĒ.   Theyíre available for listening any time for a week after the broadcast.A real boon for Ehbygum who lives on the other side of the world eight or nine hours ahead of London.


Click on the links on the right of this page tostart listening to the Beeb.

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This page is about listening to radio on the Internet.†† Ehbygum really enjoys BBC radio which is easily available on the internet, and works wonderfully well especially with a broadband connection.


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