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Ehbygum’s Pig Page

Ehbygum Likes Pigs

No one, least of all Ehbygum, knows why Ehbygum likes pigs, but he’s liked porkers for almost as long as he can remember.


He has a collection of hundreds the beasts, not the real, grunting things, but piggy dolls and models, and has even been know to go to muck out a pig farm for the weekend.


Pigs are taking over Ehbygum’s apartment.

Ehbygum lives alone in a flat high above Tokyo, but he’s never lonely Ehis porkers keep him company.







Ehbygum’s Pig Page is Under Construction.

Sorry, this page is still under construction.


Please come back again.


Pigs, Clean, intelligent, often friendly, and, unfortunately for them, delicious.


























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