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The Mini, Sold into Slavery in the Evil BMW Empire, but an honest British car for all that.

British Aerospace, Hang your Heads in Shame.



Ehbygum’s Motor Page.

Morgans, Land-Rovers and Lesser Vehicles.

The Fleet.


Ehbygum loves driving, both in Britain and Japan.   In the Endless City it’s a neat little Honda people carrier with a smooth automatic drive and all sorts of gadgets as well as back seats that fold perfectly flat into a bed.   The Haworth Motor couldn’t be more different, a 1970 Series II Land-Rover, totally untrimmed, with absolutely no refinements, and bum-breaking cart-spring suspension.  It’s truly a pig to drive, but Ehbygum loves it.


Then there’s the Morgan.  There may be a greater joy to be had in this Universe than driving a Morgan, but if there is, Ehbygum hasn’t come across it yet.   As good as it gets.    


Cars to Love and Hate.

Ehbygum does like driving, and has been lucky to have had the  chance to drive all sorts of motors from vintage Bentleys to modern hire cars.  Mostly he likes them, and sometimes he loves them.  The Morgan is, for Ehbygum, as good as it gets, and his old Landie is a constant source of delight.   Some of the more modern stuff that he gets a shot in can be fun, too.  But BMWs?  What makes people buy them?  And why do so many BMW drivers act so awfully on the road?  One of the mysteries of the Universe.  Once decent, reasonable, likeable human beings become persons hardly fit for human society with the acquisition of a BM.  Ehbygum’s plea to anyone about to acquire one of these Bavarian nasties is to do yourself a favour and cancel the order now.  You’ll be glad that you did.  There are plenty of other makes to choose from.  To those currently under the Curse of the BMW, it’s not too late.  Get rid of the Bavarian Nasty today, and you’ll be a better and happier person no time at all.


It should be said that Minis are by no means tarnished by the Bavarian Curse.   Minis are lovely little cars, and their owners are persons of discernment and taste.  But the then Board of Directors of British Aerospace who sold Mini, along with Rover, into slavery in the Evil BMW Empire - they are truly bad people.  Ehbygum is  in general a kind and gentle person who wishes no harm to anyone, but he sincerely wishes that all the members of the British Aerospace Board who acquiesced to the sale of Rover to BMW will Rot in Hell For All Eternity.


BMW are not at all inadequate engineers. They make a quite serviceable engine for the Morgan Aero 8, but their own cars do seem to have an unnatural number of unspeakable persons in the driving seats.

Please call again.

Ehbygum’s Motor Page is updated from time to time.





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This amazing car is a children’s Austin pedal car

actually made by Austin in the 1950s.  Click on the

picture to go to the Austin Pedal Car Club’s Page

and learn more about these fascinating little cars.

This picture Copyright © Tim Stevenson.




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