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Ehbygum is hardly an HTML expert, so he took the easy way out, and built the pages in Microsoft Word, though he has played with the HTML a little to add things here and there.  These pages will definitely display better in MS Explorer than in Netscape.  The pages were checked in Explorer Version 6.  It’s best to set text size to Medium, using the View menu at the top of the page.


Ehbygum recommends MS Explorer, which is available as a free download from www.microsoft.com .


One of the reasons (apart from Sloth) that Ehbygum chose to use Word is that he intends to add pages in Japanese in the future, and it’s relatively easy to do this in Word.  Mind you, he’s been saying this for the last half-decade.


All content is copyright © Ehbygum, 2006.  Images are either his own or collected over time.  If you think that you own the copyright of an image on this site and wish an acknowledgement, a link to your own site, or to have the image removed, please email Ehbygum. 



Ehbygum is the web name of a Brit who lives mainly in Tokyo, but also spends two months or so each year in his second home in the hills of his native Yorkshire in the North of England.  This site is written with British English spellings.  In the North of England “ehbygum” means something like “my goodness me” an expression of mild shock or emphasis. 

The Buta Pages.

Ehbygum’s alter ego is “Buta”  Please click on the pig to go to the old and outdated Buta Pages. 


In Tokyo Ehbygum works in a School of English.  Please click on the students to go to the School’s  Site (In Japanese).




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